The Solar Safety ShutOFF Explained

The conventional d.c. isolation system installed on Australian rooftop solar panels fails to provide complete and safe isolation.

The Solar Safety ShutOFF is different in that it tackles the problem of DC isolation at the source (i.e. before the panels combine to lethal d.c voltages). The Solar Safety ShutOFF is capable of simultaneously isolating solar panels, stopping the combining of panel voltages and provides rapid shutdown to zero volts dc in less than 5 milliseconds. Shutdown can be performed manually at the switchboard, remotely by disconnecting the external AC power, or automatically if heat is detected from an internal or external fire.


Q: How safe is my solar PV installation?
A: The Standards have lagged behind in the safe isolation of solar panels. Even complying with the latest Clean Energy Council recommendations and the 2012 Australian Standards you are unable to completely turn off your solar PV system This allows the generation of lethal DC voltage even when all switches are off. The Electrical Trades Union warned its members of this in its National Journal

Q: My system is installed to current Australian Standards 2012; does this mean it is totally safe?
A: No. Even when following the Australian Standards 2012 recommended shutdown procedure; lethal d.c voltages are still generated throughout the panels and the associated wiring. Our information video, Making Solar Safe located on the front page of our website explains this.

Q: Am I required by law to install a Solar Safety ShutOFF?
A: No. By installing the Solar Safety ShutOFF however, you can protect yourself, emergency workers and anyone accessing your roof from lethal d.c voltage.

Q: What is lethal d.c voltage?
A: D.C. voltage is generated by your solar panels and when combined in a string can generate up to 600 volts d.c, which is considered lethal.

Q: How does the Solar Safety ShutOFF work?
A: The Solar Safety ShutOFF works by either isolating individual or every second panel. This can be done by following the standard solar shutdown procedure at your switchboard or in an emergency by the disconnection of your power in the street.

Q: Can the Solar Safety ShutOFF be installed on any solar PV system?
A: Yes. The Solar Safety ShutOFF can be quickly and easily installed into existing or new solar PV systems without the need to change any of the wiring between the solar panels and the inverter.

Q: Who can install the Solar Safety ShutOFF?
A: Please contact us and we will arrange for an Accredited Installer to contact you.

Q: Is the Solar Safety ShutOFF made in Australia?
A: Yes. The Solar Safety ShutOFF is designed and manufactured in Australia


SafeWork Award 2016 Finalist – Solution to an identified workplace health and safety issue.

Innovative Product of the Year (2012) at the National Annual Excellence Awards held by the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) and Master Electricians Australia (MEA)