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Solar Safety ShutOFF may be added to any new or existing solar installation providing true protection. 

25% of solar inspected in Australia have been found to be faulty and could be made safe by upgrading to a Solar Safety Shutoff. Unlike other so called solutions Solar Safety ShutOFF provides full AIR gap isolation rather than electronic optimisation. 
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Safer Rapid Isolation of your Solar with this upgrade


The best form of risk control is to eliminate the hazard...

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About Us

We believe Solar energy will steadily become the primary source of renewable energy throughout the world...

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How it works

The Solar Safety ShutOFF isolates the DC electrical charge in solar panels before they combine.

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Winner of “Innovative Product” by Master Electricians Australia (MEA)

Safe Work NSW Finalist – Solution to Identified Safety Issue

Australian Owned, Australian Made
Australian Invented

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