The Solar Safety ShutOFF is the first step in resolving the safety issues accompanied with solar installations by providing the only air gap solution to shutting down an entire solar installation just by disconnecting the incoming grid supply. Solar Safety ShutOFF provides the:

  • Ability to switch off any solar generator both locally and remotely, providing a safe environment for anyone accessing a roof.

  • Does not place operator at risk if solar array is damaged or the roof is electrified.

  • Utilises the latest air gap isolation technologies providing up to 4mm air gap in less than

    5 milliseconds.

  • Provides true module level shut down isolation.

  • When shut off, it leaves zero DC voltage circulating anywhere in system.

  • Ability to clearly indicate safe solar panel isolation via existing inverter.

  • Ability to switch off when a predetermined temperature has been reached (if heat is

    detected from an internal or external fire the entire system will safely shut down).

  • Ability to shut down solar generation independent from the solar panels.

  • Prevents solar panels back feeding into the electricity grid.

  • Allows emergency services an immediate and unrestricted path to attack a fire or

    emergency situation rather than lose precious time performing risk assessments or not

    be willing to go on the roof due to increased risk of electric shock.

  • Electricians would be able to work on the array and change faulty components knowing

    that NO lethal voltage can be generated.

  • Anyone would have safe access to work on or just near the array without fear of finding

    themselves in a hazardous situation caused by an unknown fault or damage to the array.

  • Prevents potential for electric shock when cleaning solar panels.

  • Is compatible with Arc Detection Units which can provide 24/7 Safety monitoring and


  • Can be installed on any new or existing system.

  • Cost effective and safe.


Winner of “Innovative Product” by Master Electricians Australia (MEA)

Safe Work NSW Finalist – Solution to Identified Safety Issue

Australian Owned, Australian Made
Australian Invented

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