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Why offer the Solar Safety ShutOFF to Customers?

  • You are protecting families and assest
  • Maintain the integrity of your business and brand. Reinforce the message that your company supplies quality, leading edge solutions. Your reputation is paramount in a competitive market.
  • Generate profitable revenue in a challenging market
  • A genuine compelling reason to recontact your install base. Offer other upgrades such as battery storage or panel upgrades.
  • Differentiate you from your competitors - It has a Safety Switch
  • Provide work for your install and service teams
  • Opportunity to fit to other installs other than your own
  • A tool for your sales staff to engage prospects and discuss the detail of your quote.


Solar Safety ShutOFF


The Solar Safety ShutOFF innovate approach isolates the DC electrical charge in solar panels before the combine. This leaves the maximum voltage on a solar panel system limited to extra Low Voltage or zero volts instead of the current lethal combined voltage of up to 600V DC.

The Solar Safety ShutOFF has been designed to integrate seamlessly into any commercial solar panel system without affecting its performance or appearance and without re-wiring or changing the standard installation code. This disconnection can be performed either at the switchboard, or remotely by disconnecting the supply voltage.


Solar Safety Unit

The engineered Solar Safety ShutOFF is the most technologically advanced protection system involving solar generation. It is the only isolating system that provides the:

• Ability to switch off both locally (at the switchboard) and remotely (via the local substation).
• Defined isolating air gap between combining panels (Safest Isolation)
• Ability to clearly indicate safe solar panel isolation via existing inverter.
• Ability to switch off when a predetermined temperature has been reached (if heat is detected from a fire the entire system will safely shut down).
• Ability to shut down solar generation independent from the solar panels.
• Simply fitted to any new or existing system.
• Cost effective and safe.

Underwriters Laboratories Inc Report


The Report identified :-

  • A damaged solar array may create unpredictable current paths which may include gutters, roofs, flashings and modules.
  • A severely damaged array may still generate lethal voltages.
  • Water on a damaged 600 volt solar array is potentially unsafe within a 15 foot radius for “pond water” and up to 750 feet if the water is contaminated by salt (consider cleaning beachside solar installations).
  • As long as the solar array is illuminated parts of the array will always be energised, therefore generating lethal DC voltages.





The current Australian Standard requires the installation of a conventional DC rooftop isolator on the PV Solar Array.

  • The DC Isolator has been the cause of numerous fires and recalls.
  • Location of DC Isolator encourages access which could cause electrocution on a damaged array.
  • The DC Isolator does not stop combined lethal voltage
  • Isolators/disconnects are unable to switch under full load and are subject to failure.
  • Dangerous voltage still exists up to and including the isolator.


  • A 24 volt dc power supply is energised from the grid AC supply
  • This in turns supplies the required power to the relay coils which in turn close the desired contacts. This will then allow all connected solar panels to combine their voltage and supply the inverter.
  • The contacts continuously remain in the closed/combining position until their supply is interrupted.
  • This supply may be interrupted on either the AC or DC side of the control, for example switching off the AC mains or interrupting any 24 volt control, also included is a 114 degree thermal fuse for heat protection.
  • Once either supply is interrupted the solar panels cease to combine, full indication is provided and the maximum voltage left on the roof is one panel Voc normally 40-50Vdc or Extra Low Voltage.


Coils are in series so when one coil opens or fails the whole series will fail.

  • 30% redundancy. The SSS is still capable of isolating a rooftop solar array even if 30% of contacts fail.
  • Naturally defaults to open circuit which makes solar panel more intrinsically safe.
  • Green strobe allows simple visual to confirm that solar panels are isolated (has backup analogue voltmeter at switchboard)
  • Don’t need to place operator in any danger to isolate.
  • In case of emergency, access to the switchboard is not required therefore making it safer for Emergency Service personnel.

Pricing Matrix

0 - 9 Units Standard Price

Solar Safety Shutoff - Part # RSIA/27/10

10 - 49 Units Less 10% Discount

Solar Safety Shutoff - Part # RSIA/27/10

50 - 99 Units Less 20% Discount

Solar Safety Shutoff - Part # RSIA/27/10

100 - 249 Request A Quote

Solar Safety Shutoff - Part # RSIA/27/10

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Solar Safety ShutOFF Specification Sheet

Solar Safety ShutOFF Easy Installation

The Solar Safety ShutOFF is mounted below and between the panels using standard mid clamps

Quick and easy to install

Detailed instillation guides, video and training are available

More cost effective to eliminate the hazard at the Design / Planning Stage